One of our goals is to equip young minds with fun learning activities.

little children enjoying the rain

Our early preschool setting is strategically arranged to give children ample learning opportunities for exploration and problem-solving. All activities are carried out in small groups to make sure each child can actively engage in all parts of the curriculum. Our activities and materials are equipped with text and language with all the manipulatives clearly labeled to expose them to the world of literacy. Each of our staff members is trained to guide the preschoolers how to use tools needed to converse and explore the world.

A Typical Day for Your Preschooler

Your child will be introduced to significant emerging literacy skills through participating in music, movement and listening to stories. Fundamental knowledge and fun ways to introduce numbers, shapes, math, sensory exploration and nature exploration in our outdoor classroom environment. Teachers encourage language and social development through imaginative art projects, circle time, and dramatic play.

Our staff plans lessons-based on the children’s interest. Creating  hands-on experiences and interaction (getting messy). This encourages independence, problem-solving, language development, creative thinking and opportunities for self-expression. Fundamental skills like pre-writing, pre-reading, and pre-math are incorporated in lesson throughout the day.