Allow us to help promote your toddlers’ learning development.

little children hugging each other

Our toddler program is specialized to embrace your little learners and focus their attention on nurturing experiences that will help them grow in all aspects. Daily activities are customized to the special needs and assets of children in the group. Small group activities introduce cooperative learning in a comprehensive program focusing on language, cognitive and physical development, communication, health, and social-emotional growth.

A Typical Day for Your Toddler

Your child will learn and explore in a stimulating, comforting environment. Our home-based program is designed to support all educational and social experiences. Our staff members encourage sensory exploration and artistic expression through several experimentations, such as crayons, water, paint, sand, modeling dough, and natural materials found in nature. Your child will be introduced to numbers, shapes, alphabets and colors through fun and silly songs. These activities focus on building vocabulary skills, social interaction, and self-help skills.